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Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Our Chiang Mai golf offers excellent golfing holidays of international standards, where traditions and way of life remain unchanged for centuries. We can arrange a customized Chiang Mai Golf Package or any your specific golf courses, with plenty of activities and attractions to enhance every Chiang Mai golf experience:

Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Because the Chiang Mai area is so mountainous and highly elevated above sea level, the golfing experience here is distinctly different than what you would find elsewhere in Thailand. From the temperature (cool) to the visibility (often misty), all the way to the aesthetics (mountains for miles), golfing in Chiang Mai is a unique and instantly unforgettable experience.

Golfing Packages

If you desire to book a golfing holiday in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Golf can help. Our agency consistently works with all of the top golf courses in the area to offer our customers competitive group and tour package rates. Click here to learn about our pre-packaged golf tours or send inquiries about making a booking.

If none of our Chiang Mai golf tours work for you, don’t worry: we also frequently work with clients to design custom golfing packages. Using the length of your visit, your budget, and the courses you are most interested in playing as a springboard, we can come up with the perfect Chiang Mai golf escapade for you. Start planning your custom Chiang Mai golf tour today. You can expect a response to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Learning the Courses

Whether you choose one of our pre-designed golfing packages or decide to build your own, you are going to want to make sure that you know which courses are available to you. With that fact in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile specific pages about each of the major golf courses in the Chiang Mai area. From prestigious, award-winning championship courses to the more budget-minded options that the locals frequent, we’ve briefly outlined the defining characteristics of each course—to help you plan the perfect golf vacation in northern Thailand.