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Chiang Mai Golf Travel Information

Chiang Mai Golf WeatherChiang Mai (Chiangmai) or ‘Rose of the North’ as it is affectionately called, is the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. Located 700 km north of Bangkok, in a fertile valley between the highest mountains in the country, it takes one hour to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok by air. The hospitality of its people and their unique unhurried lifestyle are well appreciated by golf visitors from the world over.

Chiang Mai is filled with various spas, shopping opportunities, and gourmets can feast on tasty local Lanna cuisine. Chiang Mai night life, while more relaxed than Bangkok or Pattaya, is another attraction that draws many international golfers. Chiang Mai offers an unbelievable choice from integrated golf resorts to boutique hotels.

Chiang Mai Golf Weather

The Chiang Mai weather is divided into 3 distinct seasons. Cool Season, which is best for golf in Chiang Mai, lasts from October to the end of February. Average high temperatures during this period are 21C with much cooler nights. The coldest months are December and January where temperatures drop down to 5C at night on the mountain tops. The hot months run from early March to the end of May. Average daytime highs are close to 30C during this season. The rainy months start in June can lasts until September. However, most rains come in the late afternoon or overnight and only on rare occasions affect golf in Chiang Mai.


Events / Festivals

  • Phuket RegattaKhao Phansaa - mid-July, the official start of the Buddhist lent, particularly important to local monks - July 2013
  • Queen's Birthday - August 12th, royal celebrations take place all over Thailand - August 2013
  • Chiang Mai Food Festival - throughout December, a chance to sample traditional Thai cuisine at its finest and enjoy cookery demonstrations.
  • Chiang Mai Mardi Gras - throughout December, parades of costumed dancers and bands, together with plenty of entertainment to go around, make this an event to remember. The Chiang Mai Mardi Gras is based around Changklan Road and lasts for several days.


Flights to Chiang Mai

Several airlines now fly direct to Chiangmai's International Airport from international locations, making a stopover in Bangkok unnecessary, especially during the the high season (November - April).

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Chiang Mai Golf Travel Information


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